PFA Chile User Group ideas

PFA Chile Benutzergruppe (deutsch)

My PFA Chile group idea:

The PFA Chile user group is a group of philatelistic volunteers. Our goal is a complete database of chilean postmarks.

Everbody is welcome to join us in our philatelistic group. I think, at the moment several thousands of chilean postmarks are not in PFA Chile. If you´ve some of these postmarks, please help us.

Join the PFA Chile User group:

  1. Send a short email to the PFA Chile user group for joining (Email button see below)
  2. Tell us, if we can set your name in the member list on this website
  3. The member list includes only your name and no email address
  4. If you want a PFA Chile CD, we need your post address internally
  5. The PFA Chile CD is free of charge and shipping costs
  6. Only CD shipping costs outside European Union are a real problem. I will discuss this issue with such a group member.

Get your Chile postmarks into PFA Chile:

PFA is a centralize database program. It needs a central administrator. He adds the postmarks and its data into PFA Chile.
  1. A new member gets the actual PFA Chile version first. This will send to your post address.
  2. Send postmark scans with 300 dpi and a short description to the email address:
  3. 600 dpi scans are only for really rare postmarks
  4. Letter-/postcard scans with 150 dpi (postmark scans has priority !)
  5. Additionally postmark data (new years/first usage/color/type)
  6. Postal station data (geographical coordinates)
  7. Replacement of worse old postmark scans with better ones
  8. If your postmark scan is illegible, I will discuss the integration in PFA Chile
  9. Every new postmark in PFA will get a entry of the collector/image poster

Postmark group calls via email:

You can send chilean postmarks you like to see for integration in PFA. Additionally, I will make some postmark group calls. Every month, I will call for such a postmark group.


How I get updates of PFA Chile ?

  1. Every month, I will put an update file (ZIP compressed) at the PFA Chile website
  2. These updates includes an install programm, which upgrades your PFA Chile data on your PC
  3. Please install all these updates incrementally (don't forget one of these updates files)
  4. Every 6 month I will produce a new PFA Chile CD with includes all web updates. It will get a new update level number.

Chile postmark updates are in the download area of this web site.

Your next step:

If you like the ideas of the PFA Chile group, than join us. You can leave the group at any time, you like, too.

Let´s work together.

Jens Schulz

Email PFA Chile User Group: