KWappen - Game (Linux)

Deutsche Beschreibung

High addictive KDE 3.2 board game


Version 1.1.5


Kwappen : KDE board game

The goal is the reduction of the 4 columns in minimal time. The rules of the game are very simple. You can move symbols (stones) on top of a column or rotate columns.

The rules are described in the section Shrinking rules. The computer has his own symbol stack in the upper right corner. This computer symbol will be put on the top of a column after your move. The computer selects a column by random.

You win, if all columns have only 1 stone or empty. You lose, if one column has 10 or more stones after the column shrink.

Rules of the game:

Moving a symbol

1. Select a symbol in one of the columns with the mouse.

2. Select a column for this symbol with the mouse (computer puts it on the column top).

3. The computer adds its own symbol on the top of one column.

4. The computer will shrink the columns (see shrink rules)

Rotate a column

1. You can revert one column with the buttons "1", "2", "3", "4"

2. The computer adds its own symbol on the top of one column.

3. The computer will shrink the columns (see shrink rules)1.

Swap computer stone 1x

You can swap the computer symbol (max. 1x) with the button "Swap computerstone 1x"

At the begin of a new move, you change exchange the computer symbol. This is an useful feature in the end game. The yellow arrow marks the next column of the computer symbol. You can use this hint for strategic symbol moves !

Revert a symbol selection

You can revert your own symbol selection with the right mousekey..

Shrink rules

- 2 or more equal stones upon the other will be removed

- 4 equal card symbols in a row (e.g. 4 spades) will be removed

The computer shrinks the columns multiple, if a shrink has produced a new shrinkable pattern.

Compilation and installation


KDE 3.2, qt >= 3.3, min. 1024x768 pixel

Installation via rpm:

You can install Kwappen with the kpackage program or with the command line:

Please check the shell variable KDEDIR for the correct KDE3 path. echo $KDEDIR Unfortunely, SuSE and RedHat/Mandrake have different KDE3 pathes

SuSE 9.1 - compilation/installation

export KDEDIR
export QTDIR
gunzip kwappen-1.1.5.tar.gz
tar xvf kwappen-1.1.5.tar
cd kwappen-1.1.5
. /configure
make install

Red Hat / Mandrake compilation/installation

KDEDIR=KDE path of Redhat/Mandrake
export KDEDIR
QTDIR=QT3 of Redhat/Mandrake
export QTDIR
gunzip kwappen-1.1.5.tar.gz
tar xvf kwappen-1.1.5.tar
cd kwappen-1.1.5
. /configure
make install


Version 1.0: Initial version

Version 1.0.1:

1. Exit highscore entry with return key
2. kwappen.desktop file in folder Games/Board
New game tiles with relief style
4. Avoidness of rows with same card color at start

Version 1.0.2:

1. Makefile bugfixes
2. Extra HTML help (index.html-format)
New key controls:
- Space key : 'Swap stone 1x'
- Key 1 - 4 : Rotate columns

4. Code optimations
5. rpm package

Version 1.0.3:

1. Arrow marks the next computer stone column
2. Save of the highscore name
3. Code and speed improvements

Version 1.1.0:

1. KDE 3 port
2. Minor code optimations

Version 1.1.1:

1. Faster gameplay (timer event set to 0,5 sec, instead 1 sec)
2. Makefile fixes
3. Fixes for gcc 3.2 and qt-3.0.5
4. Code and speed improvements

Version 1.1.2:

1. Bugfix Highscore entry save
2. Mandrake 9.0 rpm package

Version 1.1.4:

1. gcc 3.3 fixes
2. KDE 3.1 port
3. Makefile fixes
4. Mandrake 9.1 rpm package

Version 1.1.5:

1. KDE 3.2 port
2. Major graphic enhancements
3. Major code cleanup
4. New backgrounds
5. Green rectangle shows row with 3 tiles of the same card color
6. Change development from KDevelop 2.1.5 to 3.0.4


Please delete old KDE3 versions of KWappen (uninstall the rpm-package). Install the SuSE 9.1 KWappen-rpm package via console, because Yast2 don't work). I don't know why.


KWappen (Linux KDE 3.2):

Deutschland England Portugal Brasilien

1. KWappen (SuSE 9.1/9.2) kwappen-1.1.5.suse91.i586.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

2. KWappen (Mandrake 10) kwappen-1.1.5.mdk10.i586.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese) (please test, I donīt have MDK 10)

3. KWappen kwappen-1.1.5.tar.gz (deutsch/english/portuguese)

4. KWappen (SuSE 9.1 source rpm) kwappen-1.1.5.suse91.src.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

5. KWappen (Mandrake 10 source rpm) kwappen-1.1.5.mdk10.src.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

KWappen (Linux KDE 3.1):

Deutschland England Portugal Brasilien

1. KWappen (SuSE 8.2) kwappen-1.1.4.suse82.i386.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

2. KWappen (Mandrake 9.1) kwappen-1.1.4.mdk91.i386.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

3. KWappen kwappen-1.1.4.tar.gz (deutsch/english/portuguese)

4. KWappen (SuSE 8.2 source rpm) kwappen-1.1.4.suse82.src.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

5. KWappen (Mandrake 9.1 source rpm) kwappen-1.1.4.mdk91.src.rpm (deutsch/english/portuguese)

KWappen (Linux KDE 3.0):

Deutschland England

1. KWappen (SuSE 8.1) kwappen-1.1.4.suse81.i386.rpm (deutsch/english)

2. KWappen (Mandrake 9.0) kwappen-1.1.4.mdk90.i386.rpm (deutsch/english) (new 07.04.03)

KWappen (Linux KDE 2):

Deutschland England

1. KWappen (SuSE 7.3/8.0) kwappen-1.0.3.i386suse.rpm (deutsch/english)

2. KWappen kwappen-1.0.3.tar.gz (deutsch/english)

1. KWappen Installation/Spielregeln (deutsch ASCII)

2. KWappen Installation/Game rules (english ASCII)

3. KWappen LSM-Datei/file (Linux information file)